History Acts

History Acts is a new organisation that aims to develop links between historians and activists. For the Radical History Conference the organisation’s steering committee has proposed a short presentation on its aims and the nature of the work it plans to undertake.  As well as looking at ways in which radical historians might engage with activists, we hope to open up a discussion on our proposed approach and to simulate debate and criticism around its legitimacy. In this way, we believe our contribution to the conference will be both relevant and of value.

History Acts draws inspiration from the importance of history to organised labour, the women’s movement, the peace movement, queer activism, environmental activism and land reform, and the various struggles of minorities and workers for equal rights and social justice.  It is being developed in conjunction with the Raphael Samuel History Centre.

History Acts steering committee: Barbara Warnock, Ben Bethell, Guy Beckett.
For further information contact: info[at]HistoryActs.org


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