As well as inviting submissions for abstracts for the one day conference, we also invite all readers to submit their answer to the question, ‘what is radical history?’ Just as in our call for papers, please submit responses to the question generally, or in reply to the three themes we have identified:

  1. What identifies ‘radical history’ as ‘radical’? Does its radicalism lie in its subject of study or in the approach of the researcher?
  2. How does ‘radical history’ negotiate the relationship between ‘objectivity’ and politics?
  3. What use is ‘radical history’? Does it have a role to play in emancipatory politics?

This request is addressed to everyone: you do not need to be an academic or post-graduate student to participate.

Please feel free to submit short blogs / essays (maximum of 500 words), images (provided you own the copyright), videos and any other appropriate material which represents your stance in respect of the question.

Please send your contributions to: radicalhistoryconference [at]

We look forward to receiving your responses.


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